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Passionate about food!

If you’re looking for quality catering in Doncaster and it’s surrounding areas, look no further than Jaysters Catering.  Essentially, we LOVE food and more importantly, we love YOU to love our food!


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Jaysters have been providing high quality catering in and around Doncaster for over 10 years. Grown from one woman’s dream, Jaysters has exploded into the catering scene. Jaysters started as a small café in Bawtry but expanded quickly when we realised that a high quality catering service was missing from the surrounding area.

The response Jaysters received was so strong and positive that we continue to provide catering of the highest standard for countless people and businesses alike. Jaysters constantly strive to achieve bigger and brighter things, a fact that has proved time and time again to benefit our customers. So don’t hesitate and give Jaysters a call and book your event with us now!


Sample Menus

A Classic Menu
An Elegant Menu

A Seductive Menu

 Locally sourced, seasonal food

At Jaysters, we’re proud of our reputation for using locally sourced, seasonal produce. And it’s because we’re conscious about the environment and our carbon footprint, that 90% of our food is purchased within a 20 mile radius.

Using seasonal produce is a massive thing for us too! It allows us to get creative with ingredients when they’re at their best. It also helps us to create a menu that’s personal to you and your event.

And one last thing, we believe that great food shouldn’t be kept a secret! Why not subscribe to our Good Food Blog and share some of our favorites!

 Quick and easy recipies for you and your family