Frequently Asked Questions

If you’re planning your wedding, a special event or a party of any nature, you’re bound to have a few questions when it comes to the food.  Here’s just a few of the questions we are asked most frequently – but if they don’t cover your specific request, please fee free to complete the email subscription box at the bottom of the page and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible!

We have our own ideas for a menu, can you accommodate this. –

We love to work with the bridal party to create a unique menu for their special day, book an appointment with Bron who will be happy to discuss your ideas and devise a menu.

How can we be sure that the menu we have chosen is right for our day?

We offer a tasting session for the bridal party for a small charge which is refundable when a booking is made.

Will the price change after we have booked?

Once you have made a firm booking and paid a deposit your the price quoted is guaranteed.

When do I notify you about final numbers?

Final numbers are due 14 days prior to the wedding together with the balance due.

Q  Can you accommodate special diets?

We have the expertise to deal with guests specific dietary requirements.